Follow world trends and invest in the quality of your accommodation capacities.

Universal Capital Bank’s tourism development loans will assist you!

Option Tourism Development Loan
Nominal interest rate 9,00%
Maturity up to 60 months
Grace period 6 months
Mode of repayment As per contract
Collateral mortgage / guarantee / pledge / other
One-time fee Up to 1.50%


* Note: Total expenses and total debt as well as the calculation of the Effective Interest Rate do not include the costs of insurance policies of property, property evaluation costs, obtaining real estate folio. These costs are not known in advance and will be included in the final calculation.

Total loan amount 15.000 €
Number of monthly installments 72
Monthly installment 254.42 €
Administrative fee
1. Loan processing fee 0,5% 75 €
2. Cost of RKB report 3 €
3. Cost of one bill of exchange 2 €
Nominal interest rate 7,00%
Effective interest rate 7,72%
Total repayment 18.385,28 €

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