E-Banking service enables you and your company to do business without going to the bank.

You can use this service at any time of day, regardless of the Bank’s working hours, in order to save your time and reduce your costs.

You can access your accounts from your office or home, from your car or hotel, via computer, fax, phone or mobile phone. Anytime and anywhere.

Basic Terms and Conditions:

  • Open an account in UCB through which you will be doing business
  • Fill out the Application Form for Legal Persons and sign a contract.
  • Provide the necessary equipment

E-banking services enables you to:

  • Quick realization of non-cash payment orders within the country
  • Insight into account balance and daily changes;
  • Downloading previous day bank statements and insight into payment archive;

You can register for E-Banking service by filling out the application form at the nearest Universal Capital Bank branch.


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