This savings model includes stimulating interest rates that are paid in advance or immediately upon the funds depositing, for amounts ranging from EUR 500.00 to EUR 50,000.00, according to the maturity listed in the following sheet.

Maturity Annual interest rate
3 months 0.40%
6 months 0.80%
12 months 1.30%
24 months 1.80%
36 months 2.10%

Special clauses of the UCB contract for anticipatory savings include: Early termination is neither allowed nor automatic extension of deposit under valid terms and conditions in the event that the client fails to take over the deposit upon the agreed termination deadline, unless the Bank decides otherwise and notifies the depositor on its decision.

For all deposits amounting to over EUR 50,000.00 or surpassing 36 months the Bank’s loan committee decides on the interest rate.

The Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund.


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