Classic Fixed-Term Savings

For fixed-term deposits of natural persons the Bank calculates, assigns and/or pays out minimum interest rates, depending on the value of the deposit and its maturity, under the following conditions:

Deposit Value:up to 100,000 EUR
Maturity (in months)Interest rate

Interest calculation is done on monthly basis, the interest attribution is made upon termination.

For deposits amounting to over EUR 100,000 or maturity longer than 36 months the Bank decides on the interest rate. Payment before the term expiry is possible only in exceptional circumstances with the consent of the Bank and the correction of the interest rate at an annual rate of 0.03%. The already paid out interest per deposit is corrected in such a way that the Bank profits from the amount of damages payable and not from the interest paid out.

The Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund.


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