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UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK AD PODGORICA listed in the Central Registry of Business Entities under number 4-0008441, TIN: 02684462
Bank Seat: Stanka Dragojevića bb, Poslovni centar Milenium, 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora
President of the Management Board: Milos Pavlovic and Memebers of the Management Board: Veselin Vukovic and Nikola Vujosevic

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Although reasonable measures of caution were taken at the moment of producing information included in this website, we wish to stress that it isn’t to be used for or referred to in any transaction that takes place in UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK.

UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK shall not be held accountable for the contents of the website or its use and shall not accept any obligation that could arise from the website’s contents. Persons interested in any products and services UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK provides, and which are presented on this website, should contact UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK for information on all conditions and fees for the provision of specific services or products.

Please be aware that sending information via e-mail may be insecure or subject to unauthorised access by third persons or failed delivery. Any piece of information received via e-mail shall not be considered confidential and UNIVERSAL CAPITAL BANK shall not be held accountable for the security and privacy of such correspondence.


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