With your VISA Business Debit Card you may:

  • Effect any payments in the country and abroad
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs
  • Do your company business simply and easily
  • For contactless transactions up to 40 EUR, entering PIN code is not required. For amounts above 40 EUR, cardholder PIN input is required.
  • VISA cards are 3Ds secured in order to provide additional security while shopping online and transaction validation can be executed via biometrics (fingerprint or face-recognition)

How can you become a VISA Business Cardholder?
Each Universal Capital Bank corporate client may apply for VISA Business Debit Card.

After application approval and signing of the Agreement on Business Debit Card Use, the company becomes the Cardholder and may designate users of the card.

The Holder may designate an unlimited number of the users of VISA Business Debit Card.

The card is issued in accordance with the agreement between Universal Capital Bank and the company represented by the owner, concluded and signed by authorized officials of the respective company. This agreement defines rules and conditions for the issuance and use of VISA Business Debit Card. VISA Classic Business Debit card is issued and is valid until the date stated on the card (48 months) and is automatically re-issued upon the expiry of that date.

VISA Business Debit Card Use

The card may be used both locally and internationally for payment of goods and services at the places with VISA sticker as well as for cash withdrawal at ATMs.

The card may not be used on imprint devices.

When paying for the goods and services by card or withdraw from ATMs the cardholder uses his own PIN instead of the signature.

For any additional information on VISA Business Debit Card you can obtain by dialing +382 20 481 423 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]



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