Get ready for a new dimension of banking!


First metal card in Montenegro!

Become a holder of Visa Business Platinum card that offers the prestigious Visa Concierge service, which provides 24/7 support to cardholders, with a large selection of business and private services.

Following the global trends in card industry, Universal Capital Bank in cooperation with the Visa company, the first bank to do so on the domestic market, offered the new Visa Business Platinum metal card, which, in addition to an extremely luxurious and innovative design, also brings exclusive benefits available only to the Visa Business Platinum metal card owners

It not only represents a symbol of prestige, but also provides clients with exclusivity and security, with special emphasis on premium services and benefits such as free unlimited access to LoungeKey business lounges for the cardholder and guest, access to more than 1,200 business LoungeKey lounges on airports in more than 450 cities worldwide, refunds for Booking reservations, travel insurance and much more.

We always try to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and accordingly develop an offer that will be fully adapted to their requirements. This card is a symbol of our commitment to personal access to clients, security, and first-class service for clients whose lifestyle requires personalised service and the highest level of convenience. With the launch of this card, we once again confirm the role of the driver of modernisation and innovation in banking in Montenegro. We remain consistent with the strong affirmation of new technologies and the application of the most modern solutions in business.

Visa Business metalna kartica pruža svojim korisnicima pristup širokom asortimanu trajnih benefita i popusta koji obuhvataju razne kategorije, uključujući shopping, restorane, putovanja, sport, zabavu i brojne druge. Korisnici ovih kartica mogu maksimalno iskoristiti svoje pogodnosti i tako uživati u ekskluzivnim iskustvima i uštedama bez obzira na to gde se nalaze. Pogodnosti koje uključuje naša kartica možete naći na ovom linku.

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