Card features

  • Premium card offering special benefits and privileges of the MasterCard Premium programme to high income customers (legal entities)
  • Credit card – charge/revolving
  • Contactless payment – for contactless transactions worth up to €40 it is not necessary to enter the PIN code, while entering your PIN code for transactions exceeding €40 is required
  • By approving the request and signing the Contract, the company becomes the cardholder with the right to appoint its users. Card users are natural persons designated by the cardholder. The cardholder can designate more than one MasterCard Business Platinum Credit Card users.
  • MasterCard Business Platinum Credit Card enables cash withdrawals at ATMs and payment for goods and services in the country and abroad, at POS terminals with a distinguished MasterCard sign
  • Online payments
  • Spending for unintended purposes
  • The card is issued and is valid until the date stated on the card (24 months) and is automatically re-issued upon the expiry of that date
  • Monitoring of transactions and payments operations via card is enabled to customers via SMS service activated upon submitting a request
  • MasterCard cards are 3Ds secured in order to provide additional security while shopping online and transaction validation can be executed via biometrics (fingerprint or face-recognition)


Who can be a MasterCard Platinum Card user?

Any company that is a Universal Capital Bank customer may submit a Request for Issue of business payment cards, which also includes MasterCard Business Platinum Credit Card.

The bank can issue the MasterCard Platinum Card as a revolving or charge card.

A revolving loan enables payment in instalments and represents a universal consumer and cash loan for purchasing in the country or abroad.

The card user is obliged to pay back a minimum of 3% of the amount of debt per card monthly, while the bank carries over the remaining debt to the next month.

With the charge credit card, all debts per card during the current month are due for payment in the amount of 100% on the maturity date.


Loss or theft of a payment card can be reported to:
Call Centre
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week) +382 20 481 440

For any additional information on MasterCard Business Platinum Credit Cards you can obtain by dialing +382 20 481 423 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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