If you wish to advance and expedite your company’s volume of sales, Universal Capital Bank offers its POS terminals to you and your company.


At Universal Capital Bank POS terminals you can make payments for goods and services with your VISA, MasterCard and American Express payment cards. Apart from the standard POS terminals, our bank offers mobile POS terminals using GPRS communication technology, which does not require constant electricity supply. We recommend this type of POS terminal to companies and individuals in the service industry.


Universal Capital Bank offers competitive fees, efficient technical support and services for POS terminals.


In case you choose to install our POS terminals at your company, it suffices for you to have an account at Universal Capital Bank and to submit a filled out request for POS terminal installation. POS terminal will be installed at a location of your choice after the Agreement on acceptance of Payment Card products is signed.

For all information please contact us at +382 020 481 481, or by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]




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