Student Loans are granted to citizens of Montenegro. All regular students and postgraduates can apply, as well as applicants for a master’s degree abroad. Student logbook, a university pro-forma invoice and a copy of the personal ID must be provided with the loan application form.

OptionStudent Loan
Nominal interest rate7.50%
Maturity* (including grace period)up to 60 months
Grace periodup to 12 months (intercalary monthly interest)
Repaymentin instalments
One-time fee0.50%


  • Attachment of Salary or Garnishment on the earnings of the Guarantor;
  • Bill of exchange signed by all loan participants with draft authorisation;
  • Bank may also request additional collaterals in the form of statements, authorisations etc.;


  • Full-time employment for at least 6 months at current employer;
  • Guarantor may also be a pensioner;
  • Monthly annuity may not exceed 50% of monthly earnings;
  • Age: maximum 65 years of age at the moment of loan repayment.
Representative example:

Total Loan Amount10,000.00 €
Number of instalments60
Monthly payment amount199.24 €
Administrative Fees
 1. Loan Processing Fee 0.5%50.00 €
2. RKB Report cost3,00 €
3. Purchase price of bill of exchange2,00 €
Nominal annual interest rate7.50%
*Effective interest rate7.75%
Total repayment amount12.009,40 €

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