Bank approves this loan type to both residents and nonresidents.

OPTIONUCB mortgage cash loans
Amountup to 500,000.00 EUR
Nominal interest rate5.50% – 9.00%
Termup to 60 months
Mode of repaymentin accordance with repayment sources
One time fee0%

Security instruments

Administrative bans;
Exchange bills with authorization forms
Real-estate and life insurance policy


Required paperwork:

Loan request paperwork
Copy of personal ID card or pasport
Real-estate property owner sheet with valuation

Total Loan amount60,000 €
Monthly installment amount1,168.71 €
I Administrative fees
1. one time fee 0%0.00 €
2. RKB report3 €
3. Cost of one exchange bill2 €
Annual nominal interest rate6.50 %
*Effective interest rate6.85 %
Total repayment amount70,598.54 €

*Note: The loan calculator is informative. The costs involved in the processing of the loan are shown in a representative example.

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