Brokerage Department

Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica, in accordance with the Law on Banks, the Universal Capital Bank Articles of Association and the Decision of the Central Bank of Montenegro on the issuance of a work permit, in addition to banking operations, also carries out securities transactions, which include, inter alia:

brokerage and sale of securities by client’s order (on its own behalf and for the account of the client), with commission payment (so-called brokerage);
trading securities in its own name and for its own account to make a difference in the price (so-called dealer services).

Brokerage includes the following services:

  • opening securities account in CD
  • Purchase and sale of securities in Montenegro (Montenegroberza Stock Exchange)
  • providing information on trends in the securities market
  • consulting in the area of capital market
  • investment consulting services
  • informative and educational functions




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