Unparalleled liquidity, very affordable and competitive rates, professional and quality support are the guarantee of effective, safe, fast and reliable payment system. Free account opening at Universal Capital Bank provides the following benefits to customers:

Opening and  handling the accounts in accordance with the positive  legal acts,
Execution of payment orders in a very short period of time,
Cash deposits and withdrawals,
Statement payment (compensation, cession, assignments, etc.),
Choice of the manner and  time of  order execution,
Presentment  of instruments of ensuring to levy,
Maximum discretion and security of your business data,
Payment shall be made to the amount of coverage, with the possibility of exceeding based on the contract with the bank,
Possibility of e-banking payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from company headquarters or home,
Reporting  to clients about changes in the accounts




Domestic accounts are available to all individuals (both residents and non-residents) for the purpose of receiving their regular monthly income. Along with this account you can expect a number of other features and services made for your convenience, such as:

More than one individual can be authorised to access the account
Having an overdraft allowed on the account
Performing periodically set payments with standing order
Access to more favorable  loans
VISA and Mastercard


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