Extraordinary shareholders meeting Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica 10.10.2019.

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Based on article 36. Law on Business Companies (“Fig. Sheet RCG”, No. 6/02 “Fig. Gazette CG”, 17/07, 80/08, 40/10, 36/11, 40/11) and decisions of the Board of directors on the meeting of extraordinary Shareholders ‘ Assembly of Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica, is convening: 



Shareholders’ meeting of Universal Capiral Bank AD Podgorica is scheduled for 10.10.2019. year, (Thursday), starting at 11h at headquarters of the Bank, address street Stanka Dragojevica bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro with following agenda:

  1. Consider and adopt the decision to convert hybrid instruments – bonds into equity;
  2. Consideration and adoption of the Decision to increase capital of Universal Capital Bank by conversion of hybrid instruments;
  3. Consideration and adoption of the Decision on amendments to the Statute of Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica;
  4. Miscellaneous;

The decisions on all points of the agenda are made by a two-thirds majority of those present or in-between shareholders or by ballot paper, under the condition that at the assembly are attended shareholders who possess at least two-thirds of the total number of shares with the right to vote (10668000 shares of a total of 16002000 voting shares). All shares of Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica are common shares and every share is entitled to one vote.

Shareholders have the right to compel the other person to vote as their proxy in the assembly or to perform other legal acts. The signature on the power of attorney must be certified in accordance with the law. The power of attorney may be revoked, and it will be considered as revoked if the shareholder submit later the other power of attorney or in person vote during the assembly session.

Shareholders may achieve the right to vote without the presence of a meeting, by delivering a completed ballot, to the address: Stanka Dragojevića BB, Podgorica, until the day of the meeting until 9 o’clock. The signature of the shareholders or an authorized person of shareholders’ ballot must be certified in accordance with the law. Only timely delivery and orderly-filled ballot box will be taken into account when determining voting results.

Shareholders are able to get additional information in order to inspect material for the meeting and decision proposals at the headquarters of Universal Capital Bank AD Podgorica, and by telephone number : + 382 20 481 414, every working day from 8.00 – 16.00 hours. Information about the maintenance of the Assembly, forms of power of attorney and ballots are available on the website www.ucbank.me .




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