The mortgage loan is ideal when you want to do the important things in your life:

  • renovate your house or apartment,
  • invest in new properties,
  • provide better education to your children

And that’s not all!

With this loan you can consolidate all your loans in one place, where will your new monthly payments be lower!

Option Mortgage loans
Interest rate 10,00%
Maturity up to 84 months
Grace period in accordance with the contract
Mode of repayment in accordance with the contract
Collateral mortgage, other
Loan processing fee 1,50%


Special Requirements:

  • Value of the collateral (mortgage/pledge) should be at least 2 times higher in value than the value of the loan.
  • Client must provide a proof based on which clients sources for loan repayments can be clearly identified.
  • Client is obliged to provide, at Clients expense, an insurance policy for the collateral for protection from basic risks, which will name the Bank as the Beneficiary on that policy.
  • Depending on the maturity of the loan and the age of the borrower, bank can require Life insurance policy to be provided, where insured sum and maturity of the policy are the same as value of the loan and maturity of the loan, which will name the Bank as the Beneficiary on that policy, which shall be paid by Borrower (in advance with a single payment).

Total loan amount 30.000 €
Number of monthly instalments 84
Monthly instalment 491,32€
Administrative fee
       1. Loan processing fee 1,5 450 €
       2. Cost of RKB report 3 €
       3. Cost of one exchange bill 2 €
Nominal interest rate (Premium) 10,00%
*Effective interest rate 10,36%
Total repayment 41.725,88€

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