Universal Capital Bank AD offers international payment services using the most up-to-date technology solutions to realize customer payment orders as soon as possible and under favourable terms. By opening a transaction account for international payment operations, Universal Capital Bank provides the following benefits to customers:

Prompt and effective realisation of payment orders,
Professional and expert  assistance  in completing payment orders,
Possibility of realisation of payment orders with the same day value worldwide,
Sending  Swift message after realization payment orders ( by fax or mail)
Maximum level of security and safety of your business data.



International accounts are available for all individuals (residents or non-residents) who receive regular or periodical payments from abroad, preform payments towards foreign entities, transfers funds on to foreign accounts or deposit funds in foreign savings accounts. With international accounts, you can expect number of other features made for your convenience, such as:

Performing payments in foreign currency
More than one individual can be authorised to access the account


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