VISA Electron

VISA Electron card may be used in the country and abroad for payment of goods and services in any place with VISA Electron logo, as well as for cash withdrawal from ATMs.

VISA Electron card also provides you with information on your current account balance through the network of ATMs.

Each Universal Capital Bank individual client may apply for VISA Electron Card.

VISA Electron card is obtained after opening a current account with Universal Capital Bank and submitting a card application form. The main VISA Electron card is issued per one current account. On the basis of one main card, several additional cards may be issued. The account of the holder of the main card is debited for all transactions made by additional VISA Electron cards.

VISA Electron card may be also, issued to private individuals, who have giro account with Universal Capital Bank, provided the regular payments are credited to such account.

The card is replaced in the following cases:

  • in case of any change of the cardholder's personal data;
  • if the card plastic is physically damaged;
  • if the newly-issued card contains any incorrectly printed data or is technically non-functional
  • PIN has been forgotten/lost


VISA Electron application form