Universal Capital Bank has prepared a special offer to pensioners, according to their needs.
Loans for pensioners up to 15.000 EUR, no guarantor, and up to the age of 78!


OptionLoans to pensioners
Interest rate6.50 %
Maturutyup to 84 months
Amountup to 15.000 EUR
Necessary documentsmonthly
CollateralFilled out loan request form
Certificate of pension amount from RF PIO
Photocopy of applicants ID card
Life insurance policybill, administrative order, life insurance policies
Loan processing feeSingle upfront payment of the total policy cost | Monthly payments
Mode of repayment1.00% of the approved loan amount | 1,50% of the approved refinancing loan amount


Minimal loan amount for approval is 500.00 Euros and maximum is 15.000.00 EUR.

Special Requirements:

  • Amount of annuity: No more than 50 % of amount of pension.
  • Alterations of these rules are possible only if additional co-signers/co-borrowers are included.
  • Bank reserves the right to approve a loan to the regular clients without co-signers, and to request one or two co-signers / co-borrowers, insurance policy or other means of additional collateral from the clients with whom the Bank had no prior business cooperation, all in accordance with estimated creditworthiness of the client and its employer.

The Bank, with special agreement on co-operation, can contract an insurance company partner for this type of loan


Total loan amount15.000,00 €
Number of monthly instalments84
Monthly instalment221.40€
 Administrative fee
       1. Loan processing fee 1.00%150 €
       2. Cost of RKB report3 €
       3. Cost of one exchange bill2 €
Nominal interest rate6.50 %
Effective interest rate6.84 %
Total repayment18,754.60€

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