Electronic banking services You can use from Your work place, home, any time during the day, regardless of the working time.

Electronic banking service can be accessed through the address iBank

Basic conditions for using e-banking services:

  • A Computer or a smartphone
  • An Internet connection
  • An Active account at UCB

Using e-banking services provides You:

  • Payment transactions to other Universal Capital Bank clients;
  • Transfering funds between your accounts at Universal Capital Bank;
  • Insight into the balance, turnover on accounts and printing account statements;
  • Convert currency;
  • Ordering cards;
  • Request information about UCB Loans
  • Communication with a Bank officer in a free-format message

Necessary documentation: 

  • Application form for e-banking;
  • Contract for using e-banking services;

IMPORTANT INFO: You need to have an account at our Bank if you want to request e-banking services. E-banking services are accessed via the use of a Token device. To start using e-banking you need to turn in a filled out application form for e-banking to your nearest UCB branch office.


We offer two authentication methods:

M-Token*   |   HW-Token**

*M-Token (Mobile Token) is a software that enables user authentication for e-banking directly from your mobile phone which acts as an ordinary token device.

**HW-Token (Hardware Token) is a physical device that enables user authentification for e-banking. This is an ordinary token device.

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