Loans for Tourism Development

Be in line with global trends and invest in the quality of your accommodations. Universal Capital Bank touristic loan will help you  in that!





Interest rate




up to 60 months

up to 60 months

Grace period

up to 6 months

up to 6 months

Mode of repayment

in accordance with the contract



Loan processing fee



Early liquidation fee




Basic Offer implies presentation of invoices for predetermined specific use of funds and an option to withdraw in cash up to 30 % of the loan.

Other potential offer: Bank can transfer in whole the approved loan funds to the borrower in cash but processing fee for the loan form the basic offer is increased in a span of 1,00 %

Special Requirements:

  • Value of the collateral (mortgage/Pledge) has to be at least 2 times higher than the value of the loan.
  • It is necessary to determine sources of the income for the loan repayment and determine the profitability of the investment.
  • It is possible that for the amounts of up to 10.000 Euro, Bank requires cosigners, pledgers, guarantors, as well as securitization per loan;
  • Client is obliged to provide insurance policy for the collateral for the basic risks, valid for the whole duration of the loan, which names the Bank as the beneficiary of the policy.

Depending on the maturity of the loan and the age of the borrower, bank can require Life insurance policy to be provided, where insured sum and maturity of the policy are the same as value of the loan and maturity of the loan, which will name the Bank as the Beneficiary on that policy, which shall be paid by Borrower (in advance with a single payment).

*   An individual who receives a salary or pension on a current account in Universal Capital Bank
** An individual who does not receive salary or pension on a current account in Universal Capital Bank



Total loan amount


Number of monthly installments


Monthly installment

    411,65 €

I Administrative fee


       1. Loan processing fee 0,5% (Premijum)

            200 €

       2. Cost of RKB report

              5 €

       3. Cost of one exchange bill

              2 €

Nominal interest rate(Premijum)


Effective interest rate


Total repayment