Cash Loans

You may obtain cash loan regardless whether you receive your earnings through the current account of Universal Capital Bank or not. It is up to you to define the monthly amount that you can afford, depending on your opportunities, and we shall find the best solution for you.

You need your ID card  to apply for a loan, and depending on the employment status you will need the following documents:

  • certified administrative restrictions,
  • the agreement to acquire Credit Bureau report for all participants in the loan,
  • other documentation upon request of the Bank.



Cash/Refinansing loans – A LISTA

Interest rate



up to 84 months

Maximum amount


Early liquidation fee

up to 1,00%

Administrative fee

0,50% of the approved loan amount

Mode of repayment



For loans up to 7.000 EUR – no guarantors required (if the applicant is over 55 years of age at the moment of the last installment a life insurance policy is mandatory
For loans from 7.001 EUR to 15.000 EUR – one guarantor is required or a life insurance policy
For loans from 15.001 EUR to 20.000 EUR – two credit worthy guarantors or a mortgage
Administrative restriction from both applicant and guarantor/s
Signed bill of exchange from both applicant and guarantor/s


At least 6 months on the current job position
Monthly installment must not exceed 50% of guarantors monthly income
Maximum of 65 years at the moment of last installment


The minimum amount of approval is 500,00 EUR and the maximum amount of 20.000,00 EUR;

Special condition:

The value of an annuity: a maximum of 50% of earnings that is less than or equal to 3 minimum wages in Montenegro or a maximum of 50% of earnings in excess of the value of three minimum wage in Montenegro minus current liabilities. Deviations from these rules are only possible if you provide additional guarantors and / or co-debtors.

The Bank reserves the right to approve the loan to regular customer without guarantors, and also to the customers without previous commercial history to require one or two guarantors / co-borrower, insurance or other form of additional security



Total loan amount

      15.000 €

Number of monthly installments


Monthly installment

    254.42 €

I Administrative fee


       1. Loan processing fee 0,5% 

            75 €

       2. Cost of RKB report

              3 €

       3. Cost of one bill of exchange

              2 €

Nominal interest rate


Effective interest rate


Total repayment

18.385,28 €