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CBCG – Central Bank of Montenegro

The Central Bank of Montenegro was established on the basis of the Law on Central Bank of Montenegro, passed by the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro in November 2000. With its establishment, the Republic of Montenegro obtained an independent authority responsible for monetary policy, and establishment and maintenance of sound banking system and efficient payment system operations.


Deposit Protection Fund

Protection of citizens' and companies' deposits in all banks in Montenegro is our primary task. In case of a bank failure, the role of the Deposit Protection Fund is to provide efficient, simple and fast reimbursement of deposits to depositors of a failed bank up to the guaranteed amount. Deposit Protection Fund is an independent, non-profit institution, headquartered in Podgorica, founded by the Law that regulates deposit protection system in Montenegro, in order to provide insurance to owners of deposits held with banks and to contribute to stability of the financial system.


Securities Commission of the Republic of Montenegro

The website of the "Securities Commission of the Republic of Montenegro"